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 Mark, would you please tell us the story of where and how you came across the famous Hallmark pressing and how much you paid for it? Was it an Antiques Roadshow moment? Did your hands shake while you paid pennies for it? Do you have a turntable at home?

Michael, I went to the local "good" music shop (Musique Hug) to inquire about the Sony GG Edition. I mentioned before that there are still plenty in the shop but certainly not the full collection... so, I asked about it and was informed that because the copyrights are now expiring Sony will not be reissuing the GG Edition as such. Then I remembered a message to F Minor from Brad Lehman some months ago making the same announcement about Sony copyright. (I never said I was the brightest spark in the campfire...). 

 While at the music shop I found this 'on the racks':


The company "Membran" has more Gould offerings if you look around their website, they're German by the way. Nice website too. 

Oh - go here for a bazaar atmosphere:


 It must have been mentioned here before but the Melodiya cd of Gould in Moscow became available in shops here (Suisse) in Fall 2009:


 I saw the Melodiya Van Cliburn in Moscow available on cd as well. 


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