[f_minor] sony, where is your head !?

Kpapademas at aol.com Kpapademas at aol.com
Fri Dec 17 20:03:36 EST 2010

Hi Anita - Hopefully, the money we do spend on GG recordings/films, etc.,  
does go to the GG estate, which is SUPPOSE to give to the Salvation Army and 
 Toronto Humane Society, the two major beneficiaries to receive designated  
by GG.
Take care,
Katherine, listening to the English Suites played by the one and only Glenn 
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RubatoM at aol.com writes:

I bought a copy of "32" from Amazon a year or so  ago.  The price was 
exorbitant, but I shelled out $125 for it.  Now  I'm glad that I did since it is 
so hard to find.  It seems that there is  a world-wide resurgence of 
interest in GG and his estate will probably just  keep making money like M. 


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