[f_minor] sony, where is your head !?

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Hi all

btw 32 has also been re-released in Japan on DVD. Sony never even bothered to release the movie as a Code 2 DVD for us Europeans. Shame on you, Sony ! I could be cynical by claiming that you can artificially create demand for a product that does not exist, but I am not into Marketing Strategies.

It is my understanding that the people who are currently in charge of Mr Gould's audiovisual legacy is the GG Foundation. I would't be surprised to hear that there are "copyright issues" (i.e. who gets the money), otherwise this material would have been released long ago. I did ask the GGF in an Open Letter, but never got a reply...

 My bigggest fear is that Sony will simply transfer the old VHS tapes to DVD for a quick buck, I assume that this is what happened with the japanese releases. There Will Be Reckoning if they plan that for the rest of the world.

My optimistic guess is that they (Sony) are preparing something for 2012, hopefully without the "aid" of Bruno M, with a PR machinery in full blast and all the Pomp and Circumstances you can imagine with a release date during the Fall, just right for chrissie sales. They will pretend that nothing happened, that this DVD set will be the biggest thing since sliced bread. It will probably be slightly overpriced because they know we will buy and because GG still sells and will sell even more because this particular material has been unavailable for years.  If I want to be very cynical I could imagine a BluRay-only release by then, so people like me would have to by a BluRay Player as well..


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in today's wsj there is mention of the  " genius within " appearing in the u.s. on pbs after christmas. obviously great popular demand. and they reminisced about how it reminded them of " thirty two short films " .  the demand is there. so why does sony, in all their brilliance, forces u.s. customers to pay over $ 200 for a copy of " 32 " on amazon, and to go to japan for the complete gg edition.           DUH!?


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