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Coincidence Michael, I was just wondering the same thing. If you go back to F Minor archives for Nov. 1997 Howard Scott makes a brief appearance. 
The only Scott interview I've read lately is in the book from Sony's 2005 "The 1955 Goldberg Variations: Birth Of A Legend"; Michael Stegemann
is the interviewer. Apparently Mr. Scott has written "some articles" about the '55 Goldberg sessions, it would be wonderful to find them. 
In the interview Mr. Scott vehemently disapproves of Sony releasing Gould's session outtakes, he calls it "a disgrace" and "I don't think it is fair
for Sony Classical to release outtakes." and "...if Glenn knew Sony Classical was going to release those outtakes, which he rejected--he did not like  
what he had done in those performances--he would probably come down and shoot anybody who allowed them to be released." That's high fidelity.
 Mr. Scott, wherever you are, I hope you are well and I wish you would write a book about your career and Columbia Masterworks' "Glory Days".

Mary Jensen      
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