[f_minor] New Release ! Secret Live Tapes / Live Rediscovered

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Thanks a lot for the news Pat, altough except the BSO's Emperor (first movements, last: http://www.music.buffalo.edu/bpo/mp3-list.htm ) all the others are already available from other publishers, so they're not so "secret"...

as for the japan link, searching the ASIN, it is available also on amazon de: http://www.amazon.de/Live-Rediscovered-Glenn-Gould/dp/B0043C3E5O 

it seems the same content but it only lists the 1052 Bach Mitropoulos:



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  Thanks for this news flash Pat! I wonder if  these are the tapes that Glenn Gould recorded when performing live and kept for himself???

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  G'day f_minor

  Apparently someone was listening to our moaning, groaning and general complaining, for there will be at least one CD with previously unreleased material out very soon. The CD will be called Glenn Gould Secret Live Tapes, more details and a track list can be found here (unfortunetly in german only)


  Amazon Japan also lists a title called Live Rediscovered, which I think might be this one here: 

  I don't know if these are the same (I 'ope not). This is a Japan Only Release, so it would be nice to have more details.

  Of course I could argue that nobody has bothered to inform us about this release but it's better than nothing at all to lay under the chrissie tree this year.

  Amazon Japan also lists the GG Video Collection as newly released on DVD, but only encoded for Japan. So how about it, Sony ? Another something for under the chrissie tree ? It would be about high time too.  



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