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Dear f_miners

This needs to be explained. 

I recently saw an episode of the wondeerfully funny british comedy series The IT Crowd and thought I heard GG play his beloved CD318 in the background. The snippet is very short, you can hear it at 10:01 or so right here: http://www.tudou.com/programs/view/M-CLm8bsSFw/

This particular episode is a spoof on the Hannibal Lecter idea so it would make a certain sense and it would be a wonderful in-joke to use a GG recording. The IT Crowd is full of in-jokes and references anyway. The show itself has an audience of 2-3  million just in the UK alone so I can't be the only one who spotted that joke...

I wasn't sure if it is a GG recording so I asked Mary en privée about her opinion and she was kind enought to directly reply to the list. I reckon it is a GG recording but they used a terribly small print for the end credits, but I will find out. Still nice to see GG pop up in "pop culture" every now and then ...


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Subject: [f_minor] IT crowd - GG on film

That very well could be Gould tinkling the ivories of CD 318 but is there any formal acknowledgement?  

There is for this morsel of the Adagio from BMV 974:


Mary Jensen


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