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Re: [f_minor] Glenn Gould: Homo telefoniensHi all,

GG was a HOMO-TECHNOLOGIENS before than a homo-telefoniens (a superb speaker but surely not a very good listener) and imho it should be also very intersting to discuss about it's truly "pioneering" conceptions about the creative-interactive-listener. Actually still pioneering after 30 years.

With that said, about the list contributions, what honestly annoys me in F_Minor are those minor (or zero) contributors that from time to time (or ages to ages) writes only (or most of all) to complain.
I'm quite sick of this snobbish attitude ( usually from subscribers with HYPER POMPOUS SELF-ADVERTISING papyrus job sign ) and I honestly couldn't care less about who someone is or isn't, or if their blood is blue or red. 
Since this is an old-fashioned mailing list system, probably not so technologically suitable to the homo-technologiens is the list's subject, every subscriber is welcome to bring his/her own contribution, whatever it is, and if someone doesn't like it simply hit the unsubscribe button, that's all, but please stop once for all with your sterile and boring complaints, thanks. 


p.s. nice video Mary ;)
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  Very well said, Mary!   Too much gossip on f_minor recently, and too much pompous self-advertising.
  My question is: where has the music gone?  Maybe we should be more concerned with Glenn's originality,  his outstanding contribution to contemporsry music-making,  the depth of his thought - often even when he was apparently joking, than with his personal life,  his weaknesses, and his oddities.


  P.S. The Hildebrand's link is a gem


    Your phone rings late at night but it's not a family emergency, it's Gould. Some bloody nerve.

    There's not much to be gleaned from the 'new' Gould film on GG's loquaciousness. There's not a lot to be gleaned at all. The film skims flat stones across calmed waters and it seems to me that the whole point
    of the exercise was to elucidate Gould's heterosexuality.

    As for Gould and Twitter and the rest: Don't you get it? He loved the human voice. Loved it so much that he sought out trunk lines. Loved it long distance as well as whispered into his weirdly formed right ear. The man was so utterly attuned to sound that it makes me outraged at the nonsense people are trying to make of his 'philosophy', trying to turn it all into some early IT gospel.

    Gould had more in common with Cocteau than with Ballmer.

    Mary Jensen


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