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Hi all

Arte does repeat some programs, if you missed one there is a good chance you can watch it again later during the week. Plz check the program schedule for details. Arte is "our" arts channel, broadcasting in french and german. The programming is high quality stuff, ranging from classical music on Sunday evenings to documentaries, cult movies from Kurosawa to Kaurismääki, Opera, Theatre, sophisticated series from Breaking Bad to The Tudors. 

They do also broadcast the odd GG feature every ice age or so, all that without any advertising whatsoever. Available via Cable, Satelite, Zattoo, not just in Central Europe but apparently in Israel too (via Satellite I assume).

One of their specialties are Theme Nights, a whole evening dedicated to one subject. A GG Theme Night wuold be quite interesting (hint hint) and a good reason to turn on that TV again...Imagine that, 3 or 4 hrs of GG nonstop without any interruption by silly advertising...

Since this list is dedicated to GG I must say something about GG and Bernstein before I get bashed for being off-topic (again). Newbies are advised that GG and Bernstein did collaborate during his concert days. That collaboration (Brahms i.e.) proved to be productive and controversial. Wether this was an intended promotional stunt for both sides or not is beyond me (at least it helped to undermine GG's eccentric image). The introduction by Bernstein before a "legendary" Brahms performance is hilariously revealing and if you haven't heard it yet do yourself a favour and check it out.


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A heads up for readers in Europe, Arte France is airing two hours of vintage
"Leonardo" (Gouldspeak) tomorrow morning Sunday 10th of October: 

- 10:15h documentary 'Reflexions' 1978

- 11:05h 'Classic Archives' 1977 Bernstein conducts BBC Orchestra in
              Bach and Stravinsky.

bon app/en guete

Mary Jensen



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