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Hej Elaine, 
What a whirlwind. I'd completely forgotten the familiar "Sally Ann" moniker. All my best Bakelite bracelets (now worth considerably more than 50 cents a piece) were purchased there. Oh and if I had to choose whether to watch the Gould docu on tv in Paris or not I'd choose Paris. Hands down. Unfortunately Arte tv decided to show it in bicanal French/German instead of bicanal French/English. I think we were all mightily disappointed about it but it's not the first time we have been served such treats.

I didn't mention before that in the small 'hall' (with honey bee) where I attended the chamber music concert the audience so far exceeded the seating arrangements that many of us found ourselves seated on the tops of wooden tables which lined the room. Next to me was a young boy of some 7 or 8 tender years who's little fingers spontaneously shot out in front of himself and played an invisible keyboard during The Haydn Hobbs XV 25... the boy was dressed in fake military fatigues (latest chic?) under an American style Levi Strauss jeans jacket. He was so small that I had to help his older sister lift him up to sit on the table, he couldn't clamber up alone. Those little fingers playing alone in space, utterly unselfconsciously, are the bits of life that one doesn't forget having seen.

Here's some "young'uns" giving Haydn a good go (this is not the concert I attended):


PS When you've got the croup please stay home. 

Mary Jensen

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