[f_minor] GG and film a late encore

Neil Tingley neil at thump.org
Wed Sep 29 03:04:56 EDT 2010

IS Ab fab translated ? Is that recast ? Perhaps a lot of the humour would
not work in the US? Seems a bit strange though. Its not as though Ab Fab is
acted with characters with strong Glasgow accents.,.. (then even in London
you'd need subtitles).



Why is it that Absolutely Fabulous, The Office and now Sensitive Skin have
> to be 'translated'' into remakes for American audiences? When I was a young
> girl in America I watched The Avengers and Journey To The **Unknown just
> as handily as any Canadian kid. I say Canadian because of North America,
> those brilliant divertissements came fron the UK and we all seemed to 'get
> it' without any remakes. I am of course completely underplaying the fact
> that we 'got' exotic, it wasn't 'us' and we still got it. So sheesh, why
> must it all be translated into "American" now for American audiences? It is
> all devo now. Devolution.
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