[f_minor] OT: One for the Opera Buffs / Aida on the Rhine / GG and Wagner

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Hi Pat and all
I think that is a great way to get people into opera (love the clip)! The  
great railroad stations of the world (Union Station here in Chicago, Grand  
Central in NY). And Pat, if it's music it has everything to do with GG! 
After  all, didn't he love Strauss' Elektra (an opera!)?
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G'day f_minor
I must apologize for the fact that  this has almost nothing to do with GG 
(apart from the end bit) , but  in a media landscape full of Idols, Idiots, 
Millionaires and Family Feuds this  is a very interesting experiment. And I 
thought you might find that  interesting, at least those of you who are into 
The Swiss Broadcasting Corporation (Schweizer  Fernsehen, télévision suisse 
romande, televisione svizzera italiana) is  going to broadcast Aida.
On a Friday.
At eight. 
Prime Time. 
Being performed on a bridge. 
And around a million people will be watching on  TV.
SF 1 will broadcast Verdi's Aida live from the  middle Rhine bridtge in  
Basel this Friday night (basically round  the corner from me). This is not the 
first time they do something that  unusual, I think they broadcasted La 
Triviata (heh) live from Zurich Central  Train Station and got an award for 
that. Here is the teaser trailer for  Aida : 
I have to give them credit for that, a TV  station daring to broadcast a 
live opera during prime time these days  deserves quite some respect. If you 
want to see it, try _www.zatoo.com_ (http://www.zatoo.com/) . If SF1 will not 
be available,  try to get a fake IP, that should to the trick and is not 
that difficult.  Europeans please check your Satellite recievers or try 

The event starts on Friday at 20:00 CET, I  Have fun and enjoy !
End of OT, but there is a GG connection I managed to knit in  here not to 
disgruntle the purists.
Are people who like GG also Opera lovers ? I have often  wondered about 
that. And how come he liked such horribly pompous monstrosities  like Wagner 
Operas ? Given his ideas and theories about music he should  have resented 
Wagner (which he didn't) or have I missed the bus here somewhere  ?

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