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G'day f_minor

I was able to check the end credits of SotL and these clearly state that it is NOT GG but Jerry Zimmerman performing. So we busted another myth (if there ever was one)....

I also just had a troll idea for a GG-themed movie. What about his last performance in L.A., seen from different perspectives by GG himself, the stage manager, a concert goer etc. Directed by the Cohen Brothers with a good buget and A-List actors. Probably won't be a howler at the box office, but could get critical acclaim. I can dream, can't I ?


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Hi all!

do you believe that the performer of the Goldbergs in The Silence of the Lambs (J.Demme 1991) is Glenn Gould?

download the SOTL excerpts below and (if you want) compare them with all the published 4 recordings of the GG Goldbergs

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?lis67w6jyzqp26p  (Aria)

http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?izk3c6tzmoxx53e  (Variation n.7)

there is a discussion about that also on wikitalk ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Talk%3AGlenn_Gould  )

"I am intimately acquainted with both Gould recordings and with excerpt heard in SOTL - which is definitely not Gould. I believe the confusion arises from the SOTL novel, in which Hannibal Lecter is in a hotel room after his escape, listening to Gould play the Goldberg Variations. I imagine getting the rights for Gould's recording for the film would have been expensive, and it was probably cheaper to hire a pianist to play them.THD3 (talk) 18:04, 16 September 2009 (UTC)"

I'm honestly a lot more shocked and p****off about how the GG money were used lately by the Toronto Humane Society against animals, than the fact that the Bach Goldbergs were used in a fictional psyco-thriller movie as a sort of  "God surrogate"...Anyway about movie soundtracks, average people do not even care to know the composer's name, so I'm afraid that this is not the way for GG to widen his admirers list. 
Girard movie is of course a piece of art but imho the main actor was a wrong choice... Maybe only a very good bio-non-bio cult movie on him à la "Amadeus"  with his music as the main character could do the trick....and Ralph Fiennes or Sam Rockwell coud be imho good actor choices to impersonate him...


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                          Hi Michael and others,

                          I haven't seen/listened to that particular CD yet but will check it out. 

                          I was always uncomfortable with the idea of GG's name/music associated with the "Silence.." and "Hannibal" movies 'cause I don't think he would have wanted to be in such creepy things, none of which I've been able to watch completely through. I just can't stomach that kind of violent imagery. What does everyone else think?

                          As for him being my fave pianist, when I heard his Bach Concerto 1 in D Minor with Bernstein I was hooked. I never tire of listening to his interpretations of Bach, Brahms, Byrd, Gibbons, and Sibelius (I've yet to hear all his Beethoven). It's the phrasing, tempo, and beautiful clarity of his playing that I find so mesmerizing. Who comes close, in their own way, since? I'm not that well versed in all this (help me out) but just from the radio I've heard some nice playing by Hewitt, Lortie and Ax.

                          But maybe for us it'll aways be Glenn...think of that Carly Simon song "Nobody does it better..."

                          Cheers, Elaine

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                            just an observation. recently i hopefully and expectantly listened to various 
                            recordings.  good ones, i guess.  michelangeli"s lugano recital, (  a dvd ), 
                            serkin's 80'th vienna recital, late beethoven, ( vhs ),  cortot's schumann, cd, 
                            arrau's chopin grand fantasie on polish airs, and brendel's farewell recital in 
                            hanover.     well,  frankly,  i felt , disappointed, and after a while,  that i 
                            was just listening to another typical 3 rd year juilliard student's 
                            recital.------------------------  then i put on , in desperation, the cd " gg at 
                            the movies".    there was all the difference.  give it a listen. and maybe you 
                            can explain it . 
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