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Hello Mary and all
I just did a search on "glenn gould acetates" and found this
It seems that Peter Cook of the CBC wrote a paper in 1997 on the  
feasibility of transfer from acetate to CD.
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wow !    long overdue !   you really touch on things which  mean a lot to 

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September 25th  comes around once each year. October 2nd likewise. The 
subjects touched upon  in Pat Zumstein's Open Letter come up constantly 
throughout the year and over  the years. The number of people both close to and far 
from Gould's personal  orbit who have publicly voiced their genuine dismay 
with the policies,  politics, financially motivated 'censorships', lacunes, 
financially motivated  'promotions' etc have had little say at the GGF and 
probably don't  expect to be published there. Since 2008 it is worse than 
ever.  "Work it Glennie", a published  'tweet' from Dr. Penny Johnson.

Now that is really saying something. 

So most certainly "work  it". What are you "working it" for anymore? Who 
are you "working  it" for? 

If the GGF had no interest in the Stratford Steinway  then just say so 
instead of giving out false information on the subject. If  the GGF has no 
interest in preserving Gould's acetates then just say so. If  the GGF is more 
interested in recruiting Stephen Fry as a 'jurist' for the  next GG Prize than 
getting a consensus together for the issue of Glenn Gould's  CBC 
audio/visual catalogue to the public then just say so. 

The GGF has nothing to  do with Glenn Gould anymore, "visitations" to Dr. 
Penny Johnson  notwithstanding.

Someone asked me why the recent Toronto Humane Society  scandal wasn't 
mentioned on GGF?  

Beats me.

Mary Jensen

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