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I totally agree with Pat. It is time that the Glenn Gould Foundation and  
the Glenn Gould Estate and the Sony Corporation and the CBC and the Library 
of  Canada (did I miss anyone?) realize that time is passing and address the 
issue  of and pursue the making ALL OF GLENN GOULD'S ART available to the 
Katherine Papademas,
Listening to Glenn Gould's recording of Beethoven's Appassionata 
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Dear Glenn Gould Foundation
I have recently noticed that gould-related items have  been removed from 
Ubuweb. I don't know who is responslbiel for this action,  but I suspect that 
it was either The Foundation, someone from Sony or the CBC.  Of course we 
are talking about copyrighted material and it is not clear wether  Ubuweb had 
the explicit permission from the rightsholders to host this  material in the 
first place As of yet this material has not been incorporated  into the 
sites of the CBc or The Foundation. 
It is also fine to remove "illegal" clips from youtube  but at least in 
rock music some bands have decided to open their official  channels and I 
haven't seen an official GG channel as of yet.
In any case this raises a few questions, at least for  me. It is my 
understanding that it should be the main goal of The Foundation  to preserve GG's 
audiovisual legacy, raise the awareness and make sure that  this material is 
accessible to scholars and fans alike both commercially and  non-commercialy.
To be honest with you I haven't seen much of that  lately. Let me give you 
a few examples:
- The GG Video Collection has not yet been released on  DVD. Why ?
- The CBC has tons of audio and video that has never  seen a proper 
release. Why ?
- There must be hours of master tapes, alternate  takes, outtakes, original 
acetates on vinyl and magnetic tapes deteriorating  or happily rotting away 
in a storage facitlity somewhere. Can you grant us  that this material will 
be transferred to digital media for prosperity  ?
- The Original Jacket Collection was a step into the  right direction. Can 
we expect further releeases of such quality in the near  future ? Can we 
expect anything at all ?
Thet should to it. For now anyway. Prizes and Luncheons  etc are fine but I 
doubt that GG would be pleased with the way his musical  legacy has bee 
treated lately. I know that 2012 is still a ways a way but it  would be nice to 
know the current state of affairs and as "fans" (meaning the  people who 
cough up their hard-earned cash to buy GG products) I reckon we  have the 
right to ask a few critical questions.
Yours truly
Basel,  Switzerland

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