[f_minor] Gould 1981 Goldberg Ghost Orchestra

Jörgen Lundmark jorgen.lundmark at sundsvall.nu
Thu Sep 2 17:16:40 EDT 2010

There are indeed non-piano sounds -- string orchestra -- on the 1981 
Goldbergs. It's easiest to hear at the end of variation 15. The problem 
-- as far as I remember Bruno Monsaingeon explaining it -- was the 
mixing table which "leaked" a radio station signal onto the master. 
Perhaps someone has a more specific explanation, but the sound is 
definitely there. Some years ago when this was first discussed on F 
minor, I saw a list with the exact timing of other extraneous sounds on 
the Goldbergs; doors slamming etc. I cannot say I've heard any of these 

The funny thing is that DG:s rerelease of the WTC with Rosalyn Tureck -- 
first track -- also has a ghost sound.

> */"Ici Londres"/** *(just for Michael)
> Something only 'Nipper' would be aware of*? *The RCA Victor dog. My 
> cats don't seem bothered about it at all. I personally don't have the 
> equipment to pick it up but there is apparently a Ghost Orchestra. 
> Audiophiles/Stereophiles/Melomanes please take your positions: confirm 
> or deny the presence of this subtle "nuisance" (je m'excuse Michael).
> Beware the silly pop-up, this article has two pages:
> http://www.stereophile.com/thefifthelement/538/index.html
> Hejsan Bob Merkin, are you aware of this?
> Mary Jensen

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