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Elaine Parks elaine19c at yahoo.ca
Wed Sep 1 21:26:59 EDT 2010

Hi everyone,
Pat mentioned "Louie Louie" because of the simple keyboard bit (maybe I could learn that!). This happens to be one of my favourite songs sung by the fabulous Kingsmen. There was such a brouhaha about the lyrics because they're slurred on that hit single but actually the song is quite lovely and poetic.It's about a sailor missing his sweetheart, and here's one verse (the song is in Jamaican patois):
Three nights and days me sail the seaMe think of girl constantlyOn the ship I dream she thereI smell the rose in her hair
Somewhere on the net is a clip of that original Kinsgmen lead vocalist singing this to a horse! It's quite cute.
Speaking of records I hope GG's entire record collection was saved and stored away in those archives in Ottawa. It would be interesting to see what folk/pop/rock discs he had, apart from the collection of classical etc. works.
If unintentional question marks appear in my emails please know I am trying to eliminate them. They pop up in odd places like in double spaces etc. and elsewhere; I am trying to solve this puzzle!
Cheers, Elaine


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