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I have a feeling you're jesting, Michael. If not, to call all the works 
by Prokofiev, Boulez, Godowsky and Sorabji garbage is not very helpful 
and certainly not true. I hope that this is not the old case of equating 
simple with good and complicated with bad. Gould certainly didn't do 
that. It's all a question of being able to make the music speak and not 
make it into technical excercises. But even the showing off can be fun 
-- GG certainly knew that! Sad to say I can't play any really difficult 
work, but that doesn't mean I can't take pleasure in listening to them.

> take heart  pat !!        we're just having a little harmless fun with 
> this current thread of conversation. i'm sure most of us know that 
> many of the really difficult works, such as the fugue from 
> hammerklavier, ALL  of prokofiev and boulez, and certainly godowsky 
> and sorabji , are just garbage.  ( the sheet music for the sorabji 
> would be particularly absorbent as a garbage liner because of all the 
> ink ! ) .    but, be encouraged!  many of the really difficult works 
> contain entry level sections, or compositions, within them which are 
> quite accessible.  i.e.  the aria and a few of the  variations in 
> goldberg ;   op.10 no.6 in chopin etudes, numerous chopin preludes. 
> you just have to listen to these works before, and get inspired to go 
> where you were afraid to go ( before ). 
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> The Schumann Kinderszenen are wonderful pieces and some are quite easy 
> to play.
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>     My fellow Gouldians
>     There is currently a short list of very difficult piano pieces
>     doing the rounds on f_minor as a fun off-topic.
>     I consider this as elitist and bragging. 
>     Like the blokes down at the pub talking about their engines and
>     tractors and tuning. Or like playing Quartet. I got a Chopin
>     Sonata, you only have Satie, hand over your card. GG would
>     dissaprove of such "competitions" I reckon. At least in theory he
>     would.
>     I suspect that there might be people around who are inspired by GG
>     and who would like to take piano lessons so I decided to create a
>     Kontrapunkt Thread for a short list of easy piano pieces.
>     I'll start with Louie Louie and the Klavierbüchlein für Anna
>     Magdalena. Now you may go ahead. Give the beginners a go and
>     inspire courious people to try the piano or learn an instrument in
>     general.  
>     Pat
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