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On the other hand, I would point out that some music for piano that is technically of exceptional difficulty can also be gorgeous and wonderful, like what I feel the Rach Piano sonata 1 to be.  Some music that is just overly technical like a lot of Saint Saens, sounds boring to my ears.  But these are my personal tastes and recall my mantra "there are no absolutes" in the way we express our likes and dislikes.  They are just personal preferences.  Though, I am at a loss as to what is attractive about Liszt or Schumann's organ music or most organ music of the 20'th century?  
We could start up a parallel list of easy but beautiful sounding music.  Perhaps an entry would be a simple Mozart ditty for piano?  


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take heart  pat !!        we're just having a little harmless fun with this current thread of conversation. i'm sure most of us know that many of the really difficult works, such as the fugue from hammerklavier, ALL  of prokofiev and boulez, and certainly godowsky and sorabji , are just garbage.  ( the sheet music for the sorabji would be particularly absorbent as a garbage liner because of all the ink ! ) .    but, be encouraged!  many of the really difficult works contain entry level sections, or compositions, within them which are quite accessible.  i.e.  the aria and a few of the  variations in goldberg ;   op.10 no.6 in chopin etudes, numerous chopin preludes. you just have to listen to these works before, and get inspired to go where you were afraid to go ( before ). 


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The Schumann Kinderszenen are wonderful pieces and some are quite easy to play.

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	My fellow Gouldians 
	There is currently a short list of very difficult piano pieces doing the rounds on f_minor as a fun off-topic.
	I consider this as elitist and bragging. 
	Like the blokes down at the pub talking about their engines and tractors and tuning. Or like playing Quartet. I got a Chopin Sonata, you only have Satie, hand over your card. GG would dissaprove of such "competitions" I reckon. At least in theory he would.
	I suspect that there might be people around who are inspired by GG and who would like to take piano lessons so I decided to create a Kontrapunkt Thread for a short list of easy piano pieces.
	I'll start with Louie Louie and the Klavierbüchlein für Anna Magdalena. Now you may go ahead. Give the beginners a go and inspire courious people to try the piano or learn an instrument in general.  


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