[f_minor] John Sankey's MIDI treasury of Byrd's compositions

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G'day all

I am not a huge fan of MIDI and as Brad has mentioned it is better to shell out a few quid and get something good than than free midi files. 
(Brad, just courious, whatcha reckon 'bout Walter Carlos ? Must be the ultimate HIP boundary in your book I reckon ?)

But there is still iTunes, and iTues does not only sell albums, they also provide  free podcasts and a nice thing they call ITunes U where you can take introduction courses from famous universities in everything from music theory to evolutionary biology. Gratis, gratuit, for free.

So instead of midi files I reckon you try the Ars Antiqua Presents podcast (either in iTunes or www.arsantiquapresents) for renaissance /elisabethan period music and the GambaCast (also in iTunes or www.violsinourschools.org). Depending on your taste you might find some free podcasts or iTunes U lectures with free music.

In terms of GG the GG Foundation has a podcast these days and also the University of Buffalo has a piece by GG listed

If you dunno how this posdasting thingy works just let me know.


From: Robert Merkin 
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Subject: [f_minor] John Sankey's MIDI treasury of Byrd's compositions

An enormous free treasury of MIDIs of William Byrd's (1543 - 1623) keyboard compositions, most or all by John Sankey, can be found at


The MIDIs appear to simulate the virginal, although in Byrd's day, virginal was used as a general term and could mean the harpsichord. If anyone dives into this site for the huge pleasure there, I'd be grateful for any insights into the specific kinds of sounds Mr. Sankey, who styles himself "Harpsichordist to the Internet," has shaped in these MIDIs. Sankey's bio says he was an Associate at the Royal Conservatory of Toronto when he was 16.



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