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Pat - the "fact" that some of the tapes are in serious  condition should be 
a major cause of alarm for these Canadian National  (and World) Treasures 
to be restored/backed up/duplicated for future  generations. Glenn Gould 
himself regarded the performances in  the recordings to be valued by the 
listener not just for the moment  (as from the live performances), "but forever". I 
would like to know if the  Glenn Gould Foundation has a project to help 
preserve their namesake's  treasures, in conjunction with the Library of 
Canada. This should be a high  priority on their agenda. If this project does 
exist, what is the  progress?
(Ironically, I had been listening to GG play Gibbons and Byrd  this 
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Mary, prolly the intro to the  Kingswell  bio I reckon. Kingswell is not 
using footnotes *, but I reckon I must shell  out some CHF for this book. The 
introduction looks promising enough. I'd love  to hear that recording since 
I am in Elisabethan Mode (Tallis, Tye etc.)  anyway
Anybody noticed that the National Library of  Canada lists his books and 
other stuff but no word on his record collcetion ?  I also noticed that some 
of the tapes they list are reportedly in serious  condition..
*and cite the origins of his quotes or list  sources. I haven't seen the 
appendix yet. Sorry if I am wrong.

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You're absolutely  right Pat, Gould is quoted as saying of 'A Consort of 
Musicke' "the best damn  record we've ever made.".
You're absolutely right Brad, Gould purportedly wore  out successive copies 
of a particular album by The Deller Consort. Which one?  Where did I read 
You're absolutely right Bob. Some time ago in these  pages Fred Houpt wrote 
some great things about that album. 
I came across this terse  little review somewhere:
"I know, pianos were not there when these musics were  delighting people’s 
ears all around Europe, still I think this record is worth  a try. Glenn 
Gould was a sheer universal genius: here each voice of these  splendid 
polyphonics is so perfectly clear that I think this record should be  used in 
classrooms too."

Mary Jensen


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