[f_minor] On The Island / Off The Island

pzumst pzumst at bluewin.ch
Wed Aug 18 17:45:03 EDT 2010

G'day all

Found the following quite atrributed to GG in WikiQuotes

I think that if I were required to spend the rest of my life on a desert island, and to listen to or play the music of any one composer during all that time, that composer would almost certainly be Bach. I really can't think of any other music which is so all-encompassing, which moves me so deeply and so consistently, and which, to use a rather imprecise word, is valuable beyond all of its skill and brilliance for something more meaningful than that -- its humanity. 

Hmm. If he had a choice of say 8 records (like in the real Desert Island Disc show) he would also take Byrd & Gibbons, I think he claimed somewhere that this was his favourite own recording. Isn't there an aticle in the GG Reader about this subject ? Then again, Gg claimed lots of things so we'll never know for sure..

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