[f_minor] Finally - Inner Genius soon to be in US and a letter

Kpapademas at aol.com Kpapademas at aol.com
Wed Aug 18 16:26:25 EDT 2010

Hello all - a couple of recent news items concerning GG
Calling all US F_minor members! See first link below.
"Canuck Glenn Gould..." 
See link below for Glenn Gould writing a response  to the letter he 
received by the Grade 8 student  Debbie Barker (you might have seen this 
before/read this before of  what Gould would bring to a desert island - he answers 
Bach - but, in light of  the recent Tureck/Polllni/Landowska flurry of 
interesting emails, who would  he listen to on that island??)
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