[f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?

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G'day all

Yup, you are right there Mary. GG also asked Tulk if he legally wanted to become his brother. I reckon that Genius Within movie will have quite a few surprises for some people....

What I found out so far is that apparently Benoit Giros owns the rights to IoN. So in any case if someone wants to make a transcript, translation, performance or movie adaptation or whatever you must have permission from him. He also produced a radio adaption for french radio station France Culture, which unfortunetly is not available online.


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> I haven't seen such a transcript. I did my review by listening to QITL 
> about half a dozen times, taking notes on paper.
> Years later, I lent my copy to a friend who's a radio producer. He then 
> did a program about something else, inspired by Gould's techniques of 
> interviewing people and then layering the voices together 
> simultaneously. It turned out pretty well. (Local publication only.) 
> Much easier to do digitally than the way Gould did it, cutting all those 
> tapes.
> Brad Lehman

Lest we all forget, Gould wasn't wielding the single-sided razor blade at the tape deck: it was young LORNE TULK who, according to the new film, nearly lost his family life because of his full out commitment to the radio programs Gould was writing. In "The Alchemist" GG proudly displays Lorne Tulk's handmade (sono) graph of the Prologue from 'The Idea of North' to Monsaingeon's cameras. (I realize that Brad wasn't deliberately overlooking Tulk's enormous accomplishments.) So credit where credit is due:

 Lorne Tulk, if you're out there, "You're The Top, you're the Steppes of Russia, you're the pants on a Roxy usher, you're an old Dutch Master, you're Mrs. Astor, you're Pepsodent". 

Mary Jensen


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