[f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?

Brad Lehman bpl at umich.edu
Sat Aug 14 12:38:18 EDT 2010

On 8/12/2010 12:10 PM, Kpapademas at aol.com wrote:
> Good morning Bob, Fred, Mary, Stefy, Pat, Jason, Brad, Mary Jo and
> everyone else interested in Glenn Gould's classic radio documentaries.
> I think all of us would like to have a transcript of the entire Solitude
> Trilogy (Brad - you did an excellent review on the Quiet in the Land -
> does that transcript exist?]

I haven't seen such a transcript.  I did my review by listening to QITL 
about half a dozen times, taking notes on paper.

Years later, I lent my copy to a friend who's a radio producer.  He then 
did a program about something else, inspired by Gould's techniques of 
interviewing people and then layering the voices together 
simultaneously.  It turned out pretty well. (Local publication only.) 
Much easier to do digitally than the way Gould did it, cutting all those 

Brad Lehman

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