[f_minor] e-text or printed transcript of "The Idea of North"?

therese salviat tsmoth at wanadoo.fr
Wed Aug 11 12:34:16 EDT 2010

Hi !

I am French from France, and probably I can help him
My English is also terrible !

bien cordialement,
<tsmoth at wanadoo.fr>

Le 11 août 10 à 17:07, Robert Merkin a écrit :

> An odd request has dropped from out of the blue ...
> A gentleman from France has asked if there exists a transcript (best  
> in e-format, but he'd be thrilled with a physical publication) of  
> all the dialogue in "The Idea of North."
> His English is iffy (probably about as good as my French) and he's  
> frustrated that he's missing too much by just listening to ION.
> Any help?
> Bob
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