[f_minor] If Your Big Sister Is Rosalyn Tureck

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Tue Aug 3 19:09:13 EDT 2010

 Gould was an only child but I think he also had a secret Big Sister:
Rosalyn Tureck. Bazzana's biography touches only 'passingly' but all the
same very seriously on Tureck's 'influence'. Gould, in 'the press' at least,
was always more than ready to promote a 'sui generis' attitude but dear me...
 Perhaps I am simply stating the obvious to the keyboard players on F Minor?
If so, sorry but I postulate here that Gould would not have approached 
Bach nor Haydn in the marvellous way he did without Rosalyn Tureck. 
Eeek. I have said it. The Tureck site isn't perfect and deserves to be better
but there are some gorgeous moments - one thought occurred to me and 
made me laugh at myself: Why is she sitting so high up over the keyboard?


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