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Hi Pat and all!
Great idea!
And for further inspiration on radio,
(http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efYs0TuuKCM)  (start  with this and listen to all of Glenn Gould's radio 
documentaries on Stokowski  and Idea of North and the Quiet in the Land as 
they are on YouTube.
As my father was a radio man himself, he and my mother passed their  love 
of radio to their children (I and my brothers).
It would be great Pat to produce this and distribute the sound of Glenn  
Gould tributes to be heard on the radio on his 80th birthday.
Katherine (listening to Stokowski speaking "Think of our Solar System...) 
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G'day f_minor
I had this idea about a radio programme about GG  trolling around in my 
head for quite a while. Time for an exposé, first draft.  If you have any 
additionla ideas, suggestions, input, criticism etc. or would  like to contribute 
let me know. Maybe I'll hit the jackpot and someone from a  radio station 
might, erm, show interest in this idea, who knows ?
Probing Glenn Gould (Audience View Point  Time)
Category: Radio Documentary, feature,  collage
Lenght: ca. 1 hr, could be expanded  though
Subject: 5 or 6 individuals ("fans") who have  been influenced by GG talk 
about him, his life and times during and  imaginary
car journey from A to B, loosly based and a  Tribute to GG's Idea of North. 
The sound of the car engine would substitute as  basso cuntinuo. I must 
stress tha fact thas this documentary would be from the  viewpoint of "fans" or 
people who have been greatly affected by his  music.
Details : In 1967 GG  created a redio documentary called The Idea of North, 
based on the experiences  of several individuals in the Canadian North. 
These individuals can be  categorized as  a rationalist, a dreamer, reluctant 
scientist etc.  These individuals never met, but their ideas and opinions 
were interwoven  into imaginary conversations by GG, I even dare say 
manipulated. One  can make the argument that this docudrama was as much about him as 
the North  which opens new perspectives to and about GG
The main idea beind Probing GG would be to take this  concept and let 5 or 
6 peple from around the world who never met "talk" about  GG, make a point, 
possibly have an argument and give the listener an idea what  made GG "tick" 
or what this man and his music were all about.
Contributors: 5 or 6 individuals from various ways of  life with various 
backgrounds that possibly (but not required) fit the  categories (idealist, 
denier, rationalist etc). Each interview would be  conducted seperately via 
Skype or VoiP, the contrubutors would be given the  same questions, the result 
will then be edited by yours truly  in GarageBand. Be prepared to be  
contradicted, cut, interpreted, spliced and copypasted. And possibly  manipulated.
Production cost: coffee, nicotine, time.
If I can pull tthis one off for GG's 80th in 2012,  then I reckon that 
would be a great gift for his admirers. This one would be  on US ! It would be a 
nice way of saying Thank You and give something  back for all the hours of 
joy we got from him as a musician, lecturer, thinker  and radio documentary 
If anything is unclear right now I reckon I have to  produce a detailed 
second draft....
So there ya have it. Any thoughts ? Whatcha  say?

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