[f_minor] Requiem expert needed (non-GG related)

DJ Were-Panda vnvlain at gmail.com
Sun Jul 25 01:53:20 EDT 2010

F Minoreans are awesome.  All of you rock...Anne and James were right, it
was Vivaldi's Gloria.  I know it wasn't Mozart's Requiem.

I mentioned to James earlier, I was searching through requiems composed
around the Renaissance period, which would've been a waste since this wasn't
a requiem.  I do feel rather ashamed not knowing it, because this is
definitely one of Vivaldi's well known pieces...well, at least the 1st
movement is pretty well known... !^_^

Thank you all so much...I'm getting an album for this composition.  You
rock! :D

--DJ Were-Panda
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