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I agree with GG on the quality of Streisand's voice, and think it a unique and beautiful instrument. I hope she does publish an autobiography so we get her version of their one and only meeting. If they had worked together she would probably have had the same complaints as Schwarzkopf: GG's very loose interpretation of the musical piece and a stifling studio environment terrible for the voice! GG's essay on Pet Clark's songs (CBC Radio) was very cheeky, esp the comments about "My Love", I was almost shocked! He also commented in one of the versions of this essay "and she's my age!" I'm guessing he might have appreciated the fact that they were both pre-boomers in what had become a very boomercentric time, with The Beatles and others about 10-15 years younger getting so much attention. She was thus one of the older components of The British Invasion which had so much influence in the pop music scene of the time. My faves among the female singers were Lulu
 and Cilla Black, whose sound/styles in my opinion are showing up in some of the new young female singers from England.
Cheers, Elaine

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