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--- On Mon, 7/19/10, Houpt, Fred <fred.houpt at rbc.com>

Motley  Crew probably has a fair number of fans but I would not foist 
noise on any sentient being, despite what their ill bred fans think.   
Good heavens, perish the thought.....

About a year and a half ago, I had the dubious experience of playing one of the 2 piano parts for Carmina Burana, with the Erie (Pennsylvania) Philharmonic.  At the exact same time, Motley Crue was performing directly across the street at the Erie Civic Center.  Both bands emitted significant sonic leakage from their respective venues.  Something for headbangers of every stripe.  

As far as what I personally play-- not much keyboard music after 1750 these days (I did my time with Rach 3 in the 80's).  Much more time is spent at the clavichord these days.  The piano just sounds generally thick and oafish to me anymore-- except when GG plays it, of course...

Wonder if GG ever played clavichord?


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