[f_minor] Fw:  Gould Meets Haydn / Streisand

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Mon Jul 19 23:09:24 EDT 2010

All of you who have written must have done quite a bit of listening.   I 
have narrowed what I hear to only a few artists.   They are from different 
fields, but it's just an overload to try to hear everyone.   I do like Tom 
Waits, however, and recently started listening to Arnaldo Cohen after hearing 
him in concert.   I listened to too much Frank Sinatra that my mother played 
constantly.   As far as jazz is concerned, I collect only Theolonius Monk.   
I think that he is a primitive genius. 

I've also limited my scope of music to learn.   I'll never play all those 
Chopin Etudes or Beethoven Sonatas - only about half a dozen of each.

Regards and happy listening,
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