[f_minor] Gould Meets Streisand

Houpt, Fred fred.houpt at rbc.com
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Oh my, with all this talk of greater and lesser Gould's, deserving and
undeserved foghorn appellations, I am finding myself in need a strong
drink and a toss of a tip to Hoagie Carmichael, who will no doubt "play
it again..."
GG and Babs in the same room!  Oh, that is certainly full of sharps!!!!


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Fred you've got me bent over with laughter with Ethel Merman: all I can
hear now is that massive explosion: "EVERYTHING'S COMING UP ROSES FOR ME


Cole Porter adored her. I adore Cole Porter.

For anyone who hasn't already read (or reread) Gould's 'High Fidelity'
article on "Classical Barbra" you simply must. It says so much about how
he approached music. It's also a really touching love letter. There is a
tiny little anecdote on page 192 of Otto Friedrich's Gould biography
which describes an adoring Barbra and an absolutely stage struck Gould
(and I imagine a rather nonplussed Stokowski, being the renowned
'tombeur de femmes' who witnessed Gould's magic moment and must have
found the whole thing fort quaint).

Quite right, Streisand is no "fog horn", not in any sense. I'm not
personally drawn to her style nor to her choice of repertoire but there
is NO doubting her sublime delivery. Gould fell under her spell and
thought that he could maybe right a few wrongs in her repertoire: I find
that utterly charming. As to whether Streisand returned the compliment
indeed she did - it was she who poked her head into that playback booth
at Columbia NYC to introduce herself to Glenn Gould. Alas, she happened
to be accompanied by another, lesser, Gould that day: a certain Elliot.

Mary Jensen



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