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Barbara the Foghorn?  I'm insulted on her behalf. I happen to adore most
of her recordings, even her Classical music.  Everyone has a certain
timbre to the voice and hers has served her quite well through a long
and fulfilled career.  She does not have the vocal chords of an Operatic
singer but that does not make her a foghorn.  Ethel Merman certainly
sounded like a blaring foghorn but at the time it was acceptable because
it was matched to her thousand watt stage persona.
Tisk, tisk, tisk......such labeling.....
Fred Houpt


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Speaking of strange tastes in singers apart from Barbara The Foghorn, do
we have any recorded reactions from Pet Clarke ?  Also utterly
insignificant, but I reckon it must have been flattering for both of
them to be mentioned by one of the greatest musicians in our time, even
one had only been used for a satirical piece.  

I am sure Mrs Quicksand has written an autobiography but it will rather
snow in hell before I read that and pity all the trees in BC that had to
be felled for that nonsense.

Personal tastes are different, but praising Barbara The Forghorn went
just too far. Then again GG had a particular and unique taste, not just
in music

Am 18.07.2010 um 16:33 schrieb michael macelletti:

	frankly, what streisand has to say about gg is of utterly no
significance. and what he could have possibly seen in her voice, which
is supposedly lacking in the really great singers, only God knows. 


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	The question was not when and where GG wrote about Streisand
(the High Fidelity piece is well known), but rather when and where
Streisand commented on Gould, in response.
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