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thank you for the links. 

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Oh what a relief that someone else gives a flying ----  about Gould's Haydn. I 
have already begged anyone here who can get their hands on a copy of "Gould's 
Remarkable Haydn Series" Piano Quarterly Vol. 31 no. 121 Winter 1982-83 by 
Joseph Banowetz to please send me a photocopy. I'll pay postage...I'll send you 
a free cd of whatever you want (within reason) in return. No, that's going too 
far. I offer a free cd of Gerard Lesne and Ensemble Il Seminario musicale 
recorded at Basilique Saint-Hippolyte, Thonon-les-Bains, Haute-Savoie, France, 
April 1988 "Musique Sacree pour Contralto, Cordes et Basse Continue" in fair 
trade for a copy of the Joseph Banowetz article. You'll just have to twig the 
composer and the compositions. 

 People crow and crow ('cause it's facile?) that Gould rerecorded The Goldberg 
Variations ... well hang on "just a doggone minute" (Gouldian speak); Gould 
revisited Haydn first with his "slowhand" technique and I'm so glad that he did. 
What gorgeous play he has to offer; this is really a sublime Gould who feels at 
home with the composer. Haydn had all the moves that Gould could respect and 
bounce off of. It sort of drives me crazy with jealousy. I have to laugh out 
loud in pleasure and utter ... what is it exactly? Agreement? Amusement? 


  As for what Gould had in mind for "Barbra", he laid his cards on the table: 
from High Fidelity Magazine May 1976 "Streisand As Schwarzkopf" by Glenn Gould:


This is the second time I have submitted the Gould-Streisand article to F Minor.

Mary Jensen 


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