[f_minor] Gould and Rachmaninoff

Houpt, Fred fred.houpt at rbc.com
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Yeah, I have heard the Chopin, which is uploaded to You Tube and it is
freakish.  When GG was out to disassemble the architecture of music he
thought over-rated, he did a Chopin and the rest is history.  He could
have just left well enough alone and said, no, I have not changed my
mind. Chopin was a minor composer of miniatures, not worthy of the
praise.  But no, that would not hold.  He had to embarrass himself and
put the music on acid.  

Fred (no, I never did drop acid, but I can imagine....) 

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On 7/15/2010 1:13 PM, Houpt, Fred wrote:
> Has anyone listened to this one?
> http://www.amazon.com/Glenn-Gould-Mendelssohn-Scriabin-Prokofiev/dp/B0
> 00
> 0028NQ/ref=pd_sim_m_2
> He recorded Mendelssohn? Wha???? News to me

I have the earlier releases of that Mendelssohn and Chopin, when they
were Music & Arts CDs (that had to get withdrawn when the estate and
Sony got uppity).  The Mendelssohn struck me as OK but not really
special or memorable.

The Chopin, on the other hand, was more bizarre than anyone could
rightly expect, even for Gould.  Tempo and dynamics flattened out. 
First movement "Allegro maestoso" slow, and not really resembling
Allegro.  Left-hand figurations as noisy as he did in some of the
Mozart.  I have it on right now, for weird old times' sake.

Sub-par sound for 1970, too...and some tape unsteadiness.  Did the Sony
issue fix any of that?

Brad Lehman

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