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Yes,   it was in 1960 or 1961 - not sure of the date.   He came to Rock 
Hill, South Carolina to play for the all-girl audience of giggly Southerners at 
the then all-female Winthrop College.   I had already listened to some of 
his recordings, as had members of the music department, so we knew what to 
expect.   None of us knew that he didn't enjoy performing.   He seemed relaxed 
and many of the "eccentric" habits were there to see. 

Because my seat was on the front row, I could hear him humming along with 
the music. I had never heard such playing, and I had heard other major 
performers, such as Rubinstein.   The program was primarily Bach, I don't remember 
the particular pieces.   The photos of him truly do not show how handsome 
he was.   

I think that this was the only time that he visited South Carolina.   I 
hope that we didn't increase his dislike for audiences.   

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