[f_minor] GG spotted in "popular culture" - Part XXVII

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G'day f_minor
After a hot day in terms of both weather and heated debates it is time to digress a bit, calm down and take things on the lighter side of life. It's too hot outside to think straight anyway and as a rule heated debates should only be held during the winter.

I like to spot GG in what you might call "popular culture", references to and about GG in books, movies etc. The archive holds quite a collection of these sightings from Thomas Bernhard to, believe it or not, The Simpsons ("That sonata was almost as good as GG but not quite"). Every now and then I bump into one, which is quite nice. I must admit that there are better ones out there, right now this is the best I could come up with.

GG gets a very brief mention in David Quantick's Blaggers Guide To Classical Music on BBC Radio, being referred to as the greatest Bach performer of our age. Show currently not on-line. Blagger's Guide is both a comedy show and introduction to various musical styles.

The next one is a bit odd and should not be taken too seriously. The interesting part, i.e. the GG reference is at 0:58. 

And finally a german band mentions GG in the title of one of their songs: Einstürzende Neubauten singing a song called I KIssed Glenn Gould. Those of you who think that everything that came after Beethoven is too modern take caution:

If you have any new and interesting references please let me (or the whole list) know.
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