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Anne French afrench6 at cox.net
Tue Jul 13 15:32:14 EDT 2010

Well, I must say I have been on FB for over a year now, and it has
been a great experience so far. Most of my 260 "friends" are serious
musicians, music teachers, professors, artists and dancers. A small
group of about 20 of us just seemed to bond especially well... from
France, Brazil, the US, Germany, the UK, Russia, Israel and other
European countries. And one radio program host in Montreal. With the
help of a computer translator I have become quite proficient at
writing in French. I already knew German. The pianists in the group
are ALL great fans of GG, especially one professor at the Brooklyn
Academy of Music. I have encouraged them to join the f_minor
listserve.  We share videos from YouTube of very good music, and I am
learning a LOT about come composers I didn't know existed. One of my
friends just posted one of GG's recordings of a Hindemith sonata that
I had never heard. ( I'm sure you all have listened to his Hindemith,
but somehow I missed it.)  The only people I do NOT seem to
communicate with are old friends and relatives, since they do not have
my intense interest in music.

So.... the Facebook experience can be whatever you make it. My friends
quickly fit into the music networking or just sort of become inactive
with me. I assure you no one posts stuff like "I went out for a beer

All the best,

On Tue, Jul 13, 2010 at 10:25 AM, Houpt, Fred <fred.houpt at rbc.com> wrote:
> Honestly folks, this venting of spleens about Facebook takes me back to the
> same sort of reactions to when Yahoo was the only site on the net that had
> chat rooms.  Shock!!! Horrors!  What people were saying and doing, ogling
> each other in various forms of revealed and hidden identities.  It was all
> so silly and fun or repulsive and boring depending on who you were and what
> you were looking for.
> Facebook has it's strengths and weaknesses just like all human communication
> conduits.  You gotta check it out first to find out if it recommends itself
> to you. For those of us who have tracked down old school chums and long lost
> other friends, it has been a wonderful site. I have friends who are visiting
> other countries and it is nice to read their blog like reports to us on
> their list.  I enjoy it as well because I can keep track of what my kids are
> saying; in a way, it is a window into their lives that as their dad I want
> to know about.  I enjoy posting things that interest me and enjoying the
> interests of my friends in ways that are more interactive than emails.  I
> have been on for more than a year and have had exactly one intrusive
> stranger log me onto their site as their friend.  When I looked closely they
> were not a real person but a "bot" that represented a company selling
> products. I manually disengaged myself from them and reported it as abuse.
> I have no inclination to go on Twitter or any other sites other than emails,
> of which at work I send and receive so many per week that any more is a
> labor I am selective about indulging.
> All the best
> Fred
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> I have been quite reluctant to join Facebook.  It seems to be geared to
> children or adolescents.  However, many people, including my elderly
> husband, enjoy it.  One of our friends from Key West, however, had her
> information picked up by a scam artist.  This criminal wrote to us saying
> that he was our friend, asking for help with an emergency and needing
> several thousand dollars to get out of a dingerous country.  We were
> sceptical, of course, checked it out with the KW police and found our friend
> to be completely safe at home.
> This may be a rare occurance, but another reason I have stayed away from
> this "service".  I am also a former teacher and I would prefer not to be
> found by many of  my former students, several of whom are serving long
> prison sentences.
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