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Just like Bob Merkin my submission was 'rejected' due to an attachment
deemed too large. Unlike Bob Merkin I haven't got a private planet from which
to transmit. So here's an abbreviated version (no images):
feuilles tombent tot cette annee...", Louis XVI

 The cemetery,
 graveyard, necropolis, bone orchard etc. etc. is not a weird, creepy, 
bizarre, loony place. I have seen a quite a few in my travels and each 
and every one is as distinctive and marvellous as can be. North American
 cemeteries are notoriously sterile places compared with other 
cultures, in spite of (because of) 'innovative' ideas. Decidedly: 
North Americans just cannot sensualize that thing known as death; it's just 
not allowed. 

 Mount Pleasant is a fine place to visit
 when you're in Toronto. There are three 'Gould' graves: there is the 
huge upright marker for Florence, Herbert and Glenn Gould. There is the 
famous small plaque for Glenn Gould and there is the Giant Rock with
 Sitka Spruce tree behind for Glenn Gould. I planted a white flowering heather
 there in May 2008. (Photo available but not on F Minor). 

 From the 
Metro Station 'St. Clair' take bus 88 to Moore Ave./Bayview, on the 
corner is a large Ludlow's with a 'garden centre' where you can buy a plant or 
flowers before proceeding (3 minutes on foot) up Bayview Ave. till you reach the small stone portico of the cemetery to your left. The rest is up to you and your 
little google map and your sense of adventure (or I'll send you a map if
 you ask nicely). Ask any Chinese gardener inside the cemetery where to find
 Mr.Glenn Gould...they all know, so unlike the GG 
Foundation and GG Estate and the Sony people who can't tell me 
what has happened to the plaque that Sir Yehudi Menuhin made 
for Glenn Gould which I found lying against the Gould family tombstone behind
 a hedge and held in place with a little rock. No kidding.
 I thought I was dreaming but my camera thought better. Photos available: Katherine Papademas if you
 would please do the honours ... I don't have a scanner.  
 Listening to 'The Complete Music for Solo Piano' of 
Schoenberg played
by Gould on a sweltering summer 
night. Fire and Ice?  
Mary Jensen

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