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Well at least yours has flowers ! 

Karl is apparently having some issues with the server. Just complain to the new management, he'll reply pretty fast and explain things. In my case a mail was sent 12 hrs after I posted it (first time post on new server). Karl is doing this as a volunteer and I think I can speak for all of us if I give out a loud shout and say thanks for the good work over the years. These things take time and initiative and I must say that there are still older mail servers aou there (libraries, government, unis etc) that have a limited capacity for incoming mail, so the rejection is not quite unreasonable. Surely unfair, but that is merely a technical issue I reckon. Transitions to a new sever are not always a smooth as they should be. Been there, seen it.

If y'all  have any problems or issues please contact Karl Berry at : karl at freefriends.org a friendly human being will promptly assist you.

From: Robert Merkin 
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To: Discussion of the Canadian pianist Glenn Gould. 
Subject: [f_minor] go to this url for my illustrated post about (no subject}


i posted to the gravestone sheet music thread ("no subject"), but Karl REJECTED it! (He says 475k is a bit Large -- i tossed in an image or two.)

Read my post, see the images (and see and hear GG play the '81 Goldbergs):




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