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Then comes this from Alex Ross' "The Rest Is Noise" site, February 2005:
Record of the year

"When I saw on Carl Wilson's site 
that Brian
 Joseph Davis had put out a limited-edition EP of quotations from 
Theodor W. Adorno's Minima Moralia
performed in the style of agitprop punk, I had to put down my $20 to
get me some. It arrived today, and it made me glad. Greil Marcus wrote
in Lipstick Traces that Adorno's assaults on mass culture are 
punk-rock rants at heart; the Minima Moralia EP
brings that conceit to hilarious, dubious life. Davis plays squalling
guitars; Dawn Unwanted drawls the lyrics. The pick hit is "Every Work
of Art Is an Uncommitted Crime," one of my favorite lines from the
Meister's writings. The song consists of that one line, repeated over
and over, followed by screaming. I bow in the presence of genius."

 Brian Joseph Davis, another Torontonian for the Ages.

Mary Jensen.
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