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Hello Mary, Stefy, Pat, and all -
Did some Internet searching and came up with the following
Check out Brian Eno explaining his 77 Million Paintings 
And then the paper on Gould, which cites Eno (some of you might have  seen 
this already; but for those who
haven't) Glenn Gould: the Vanishing Musician and the Virtuosity of the  
How about combining Glenn Gould's 1981 recording of the Goldberg Variations 
 with Eno's 77 Million Paintings (77 million to the 32nd power??)
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Hi Mary
I found a list of Brian Eno Bootlegs at a site  where I usually hunt for 
info on Bootlegs. I also know where to get them, but  that is a different story
Music for Airports or Apollo work especially  well for falling asleep or 
when you are, eh, under the influence of certain  substances. I don't think 
that Eno would mind that I use his music for falling  asleep. Now here is a 
guy who is constantly trying something different with  the idea of music or 
what we think of as music.

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"Don't start that talking, I could talk all night..." about Brian Eno  from 
that first Roxy album and 'Virginia Plain' all through the  '70's: Taking 
Tiger Mountain By Strategy, Here Come The Warm Jets,  Another Green World, to 
"Julie With..." from Before and After  Science, I  have never heard music 
sound more like water:


The marvellous  word games all over from 'The Fat Lady of Limburgh', 
'Needle In A Camel's  Eye',  'Baby's On Fire', to the employment of a typewriter 
in 'China My China' to the  terrific assonance in 'No One Receiving':



Go to Fora Tv (on the  Web) to learn what Brian Eno is up to with 'The Long 
Now  Foundation'.
Mary Jensen

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