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The other thingt that has changed is not just the music we listen to but how we listen to music. Categories are not as strict as they once used to be like the german E- and U-Musik (serious and entertainment music). The crossover aspect makes it even more interestig to discover new music. Play some Steve Reich to an electronica buff and he will give you a nod, play some Brian Eno to your classcal radio DJ, he'll probably give you a nod too. Of course GG was into the Kontrapunkt thing, but without even an interest in experimentation (in terms o technology !) and how music or sound will affect people he would not have come up with the idea of IoN and pioneer tha same techniques that are standards these days. Cutting, looping, sampling, splicing and putting things into a completely different context. I still wonder wether we should think of categories in music or abandon the idea of the box where you can put an artist into. Classical, postmodern, avantgarde, baroque, minimal, who cares ?

I also must mention that Mary never claimed that GG might like Eno's music, he certainly migh be most interested in some of the tech stuff that is going on these days. Crying bloody shame he never got to see that. Wether he would approve or let the Puritan out I cannot say. But he would certainly examine some ideas and technologies.


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As Brian Eno has come up with his own play on minimalism (and we all know that GG detested it as much as he detested rock music), somehow I don't think that Gould would have been an Eno fan at all! Where in Eno's work do you find any sort of complex counterpoint of the type that he relished? No doubt he may have displayed some interest in Eno's use of electronics etc; but his music? I don't think so. 



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that's great, but, how do you get it to play ?



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Since it has come up at F Minor,
here's a copy of an email I sent to a member
some time ago:

"And in this corner: Glen Gold, child wonder, Virtuoso of the piano keyboard, 
self-proclaimed specialist of unfinished works - And in this corner: Brian Eno,
non-musician, self-proclaimed 'uncertain piano', prolific composer..."


 One has to wonder what Gould would have made of Eno's 1975 Pachelbel
Canon in D Major. I enjoy it, liner notes educational - not obligatory for 
listener's satisfaction. Part One:


  'Zenph' (not Senf) will have a little trouble "re-performing" it but given
enough encouragement who knows? Sony? GGF?

Mary Jensen 


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