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ciao, salut, allegra, hoi --

I've heard the Jarrett GV -- once -- but I'm most familiar with his early 60's-70s tsunami of acclaim for his free-form concert-length improvisations. This work achieved Heights of Boredom I'd never imagined existed. 

And because he was composing it on the spot, while-u-listen, you had no way of knowing what his intentions were or if he was hitting the right notes. By definition, a note he played could not be wrong.

In those days he struck me as a sort of black-caped Vaudeville Doctor Mesmero, very good at getting the message out that he was Amazing, Astonishing, Unique, Supercallifragialisticexpialidocious -- and Highly Spritual, too. Keyboard music would never be the same.

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  g'day all


  Oh, one more thing. GG claimed that if you don't have anything to add to a musical piece then you better shut up, how come people like Brian Eno take music further and Keith Jarrett's recording of the GB's is so utterly boring ?


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