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g'day all

The way we listen to music has indeed seen some radical changes since GG's passing. The main reasons are the music itself and technology that is way beyond what GG had envisioned in his essays on technology and  that one about the grass being greener in the outtakes. 
These days you can "compose" your very own fave Mahler Sy, all you need to do is create a new Playlist in iTunes and the recordings you need. You don't even have to leave the house to buy the recordings. Now that's summet, eh ? Of course we all know that, maybe even take it for granted. But GG never did, he never even saw the advent of the Walkman or mix-tapes, let alone remixes or mash-ups or this ReCompose thing. His ideas (wallpaper or environmental music, infinite choice wherever you are, whatever you want) have come true, bloody crying shame he never got to see the results. He'd be pleased I reckon, maybe doing the odd live-stream or podcast every now and then or blogging about current developments in music and technology. Both the ideas of GG and Marshall McLuhan are somehow frozen in time, we are the lucky ones who have to deal with the effects.

Fred, right about Brian Eno. Music For Airports is a nice one to take a nap to. btw those of you who have no idea what I am talking about and still use older versions of Windows will hear his "music" every day...

Oh, one more thing. GG claimed that if you don't have anything to add to a musical piece then you better shut up, how come people like Brian Eno take music further and Keith Jarrett's recording of the GB's is so utterly boring ?


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I gave this a 5 Star review, called it my "disc of the year".  It's really a fantastic album....Eno I love so very much and often will put on some of his ambient stuff to lull me to sleep at night.

I think that GG would be very fascinated with people like Eno who pioneered taking musical sounds apart and re-assembling into something entirely new, almost familiar but yet often hauntingly different sounds.....


Fred Houpt

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Since it has come up at F Minor,
here's a copy of an email I sent to a member
some time ago:

"And in this corner: Glen Gold, child wonder, Virtuoso of the piano keyboard, 
self-proclaimed specialist of unfinished works - And in this corner: Brian Eno,
non-musician, self-proclaimed 'uncertain piano', prolific composer..."


 One has to wonder what Gould would have made of Eno's 1975 Pachelbel
Canon in D Major. I enjoy it, liner notes educational - not obligatory for 
listener's satisfaction. Part One:


  'Zenph' (not Senf) will have a little trouble "re-performing" it but given
enough encouragement who knows? Sony? GGF?

Mary Jensen 

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