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I don't know who you should be directing this e-mail to, but  I am not 
'that person'!  I am a Glenn Gould fan, and have  bought and read many books 
about him. I have also been known to write  reviews on them, if I have 
something to 'really say' -- but as far as  the comments made here, they are not 
familiar to me at all! I  know that I have never [ever] used the word 'haptic' 
and whenever I  refer to myself, I always capitalize the "I" (I would have 
also  capitalized the word Nassau).
Therefore; this is not concerning anything written by me and I  would 
suggest you go back to the source you were reading this from and  double check 
for the name and/or e-mail address you should be sending  your message to.
Helen D.  
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a  " must have " book for all gouldians :    " BRAVO  FORTISSIMO " GLENN 
GOULD , THE MIND OF A CANADIAN VIRTUOSO ,   by  helen mesaros.  and , believe  
me, i've got them all.  this volume is  a veritable treasury of minutiae. 
i.e. where  and when did he practice on the nassau trip. ( and who was there 
to  witness it. ) , where was he when his teacher died, what bothered him  
the most about retirement. the word, haptic ( i never saw it before! )  and 
the beethoven 5.   enjoy! 

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