[f_minor] f_minor revived! New email instructions! Facebook!

MJ Watts mj.accounts at gmail.com
Fri May 14 08:54:20 EDT 2010


As you may have noticed, f_minor was out of commission for a couple of
months while Karl and I transitioned it from it's long-time home at Rutgers
to glenngould.org.  (Thanks Karl!! you're a lifesaver!) The main difference
is the email address you'll use to correspond with everyone but there are a
few other bits of information you should know.

   - All the information that follows is available at
   - If you want to join the f_minor conversation you'll email the following
   address: f_minor at glenngould.org
   - To change your membership preferences you'll use this link:
   - The archives beginning in 2010 are
   - The archives from 1996-2009 are here:
   - We now have a Facebook page!  Join us:

Thanks for your patience through these changes and I look forward to further
fantastic conversations!

Mary Jo
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