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I don't know: the link works normally on my pc, and also going directly to the URL - I hope you can view it.


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i'm sorry, but the attachment drew a blank. is there some other way of viewing ?   

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...but in Glenn Gould Foundation Magazine Volume 4, Number 1 (http://glenngould.ca/magazine/), is written among other titles: 'Sketch for a cadenza for Mozart's Concerto No. 24 in C Minor, K. 491 (1958)': does anybody know whether this sketch has something to do with the cadenza which Gould actually plays?

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does anyone know if the cadenza for the first mmt. of the 24 th mozart concerto ( gould's ) is in print ?  or obtainable ?      it really is quite  interesting. the only other one which  of equal interest is the lipatti ( with karajan ) cadenza for the 21 st.   ( from 1950 or 51 ) . the lipatti might even be a little more inspired.  every other pianist else seems to become overwhelmed by the close proximity to mozart's writing, and then tries to over do it  to compensate for the inadequacy. they  become too filled with themselves,  losing the joy of mozart's writing.  gould and lipatti maintain it , in different ways,  quite nicely.    which is no mean feat !   a rather lofty height !          

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