[f_minor] new host for f_minor

Karl Berry karl at freefriends.org
Sat Apr 17 12:06:22 EDT 2010

Hello f_minor members --

As you may have noticed, f_minor was removed from the Rutgers email
system a few days ago.  Happily, Rutgers cooperated with Mary Jo in
getting us the list of subscribers, and I've re-added everyone to a new
list hosted on my server, glenngould.org.  The message before this one
hopefully informed you of your new password.

It uses the same mailman software that was lately used for f_minor at
Rutgers.  The url to (un)subscribe and change your password and other
options is http://glenngould.org/mailman/listinfo/f_minor.  Please
replace any rutgers.edu-related url's with that one.

I hope to merge the various archives at some point, but for the time
being the new archives will be at

All these links, etc., are recapitulated on the main
http://glenngould.org page.


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