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To coincide with the 1982 celebrations and the release of the Glenn
Gould edition, Sony had a poster with a picture of Gould and the title
Pure Gould/1932-1982 .  It also featured covers from some of the CDs and
Laser Discs issued at that time.  Fortunately, when I asked my record
dealer how I might get a copy, he had an extra one, which is now framed
and is facing me in my office.  Perhaps Sony could be persuaded to
reproduce that poster and make it available to members of the Glenn
Gould society.  But two posters I would love to see are of the original
Goldberg cover and the cover for his Beethoven sonata "hits" album which
features him standing in a bleak snow-covered wasteland which might be
the artic but is in fact, I believe, shot in Caledon, North-east of